15 Apr 2021 Perfect ponytail hairstyles to complete your look


Everyday more and more brides and wedding guests dare to wear a ponytail style on their special occasions. It’s lovely, because ponytails can be rocked with any bridal styles, from boho to modern, and accessorized with different ribbons or create different volumes.


Threaded ponytail

From simple to a more complex needlework, this super trendy ponytail will rock any style at any event

Photo Heike Moellers · MUAH Fanny&Co

Photo Masha Kart Photography · MUAH Fanny&Co · Dress Virginia Vald


Braid ended in a lovely ponytail

It’s a wonderful alternative to add height as well as  movement thanks to its light waves on the ends. Perfect for long and heavy hair.

Photo Heike Moellers · MUAH Fanny&Co · Dress Ibimoda


Luxurious volume ponytail

The juxtaposition between the volume in this ponytail and the shiny, slicked-back front is as playful as it is unexpected. This style is pretty reception-proof. It will stay all your wedding or event.

Photo Saskia Bauer Photography · MUAH Fanny&Co · WP: The Ibiza wedding Planner



Sleek up ponytail

Sleek is chic! A sleek ponytail is ideal for modern or minimalist women, it’s a timeless choice that will easily fit both straight and curly hair

Photo Saskia Bauer Photography · Hair  Fanny&Co · Makeup Fanny Vega · WP  The Ibiza wedding Planner


Mohican ponytail

A very daring alternative, created with a top braid and ending with a wavy ponytail that can be at any level. Laura was gorgeous wearing this proposal for our Modern Love Editorial.

Photo Masha Kart Photography · MUAH  Fanny&Co · WP  The Ibiza wedding Planner
Photo Masha Kart Photography · MUAH  Fanny&Co · WP The Ibiza wedding Planner


Classic ponytail

It can be personalized designing less or more curls, even high or medium a lovely wavy ponytail will fit any style and event.

Hair Fanny&Co

Bubble ponytail

Simple but elegant this bubble ponytail will stand out any look. Better yet? It’s “convertible” you can move from an updo to a bubble ponytail if you want to wear two looks on your wedding day.

Hair Fanny & Co

I hope you love the ponytails as much as I do.

Thank you very much for taking some of your precious time to read my blog.


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