23 Sep 2020 Ibiza Boho Wedding


Do you believe in coincidences?

One upon a time there was as story about a raffle, an Ibiza boho wedding and a little evil virus named Covid-19.

Marta and Jonathan, like thousand of in love couples, were been planning their summer Ibiza wedding in 2020. Unfortunately, their plans had to be postponed because of a terrible worldwide virus.


What this marvellous couple didn’t know, was thanks to one of the best wedding planners ever, Marina Amorós from The Ibiza Wedding Planner;  there was a raffle going on in Ibiza island. It’s prize was an Ibiza secret boho wedding.

Imagine how amazed were they when they knew they would be having a secret celebration of their love, the same day they were supposed to be getting married in our marvellous White island.


There are nice stories, but very little like this!

Professionals who has become this dream come true:

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